Casino Bonus – what is a deposit bonus, should I use one?

A deposit bonus is a bonus that are activated when you make your first deposit on a casino. Almost every casino has a bonus offer, some are good some are less good. So what bonus should I take you may ask? Its all up to you – those bonuses are often like 100% bonus or 200% bonus. So it basically it ads money up on your deposit, if you make a 100 euro deposit with a 200% bonus you will get 300 euro to play with. This does come with some requirements though – you will have to wager the money its mostly around 20 to 50x wager on deposit bonuses. This means you will have to play for your bonus times the wager x. Here we also explain some of the casino terms. This is just because the casinos would loose alot without those requirements. There are also some that are non sticky witch means that you first play with your own money and then you have the bonus money just as a life line – you will only have to wager if you loose all your own money. So always read what requirements the bonus you are about to choose have and good luck with the casinos!

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Free spins – often given without deposit.

The free spins is also something that many people are looking for. Its handed out often on register and also on your first deposit. Many casinos also hand out free spins sometimes when they release new slots and there are things happening around the world. This comes in two different styles – the non-wager free spins and the wager ones. The non-wager is the best since all the money you win are yours without any wagering requirements. The wager ones does comes with a wager requirement wich requires you to play more to be able to cashout. I would though recommend you to use those and also make sure that it does not effect your deposit bonus if you get them meanwhile wagering the bonus.

Non-sticky bonus – the one that I prefer.

The non-sticky bonus is my personal favourite bonus – this bonus is used as a life line, if you have a 100% bonus of a 100 euro deposit you will be able to play for your deposited money before you use the bonus money. If it sounds interesting check out our promoted non-sticky casinos here. The good thing about this is that you do not have any restrictions om the first money you play for – so if you get a big win you can just cancel the bonus and withdraw. So you will only use the bonus money when you lost all your own. This usually comes with a bit higher wagering requirements. So in conclusion this is a sweet bonus that you always should be looking for. 

Sticky casino bonus – the most common deposit bonus.

The sticky bonus is the opposite of the non-sticky bonus, not to suprising looking to its name. This bonus is also precentage based, you get from 100-300% on your first deposit on the most casinos – we list some of them here. So what does this bonus comes with? It comes with a wagering requirement of your whole startong balance so you wont be able to withdraw if you make a big win in the beginimg without wager it x amount of the starting balance. This is also a pretty good bonus but you should always try to start out with some higher bets to try catch some big wins to make sure you will be able to wager it.

Welcome bonuses explained

The welcome bonus is the most common bonus, its a bonus that you get when you register at a casino and make the first deposit. They normally comes as a precentage bonus on your deposit – they comes with alot of different requirements so make sure to check out the terms and condition before starting to play. We always do recommend the non sticky bonuses as you can read about above here since they are the ones that gives you the most value. If you are looking to play and make a bigger cashout the regular deposit bonuses is fine also but always make sure to know what you are able to play for and wich games that wagers and so on. We always try to list the information about the bonuses we provides but we can never ensure you that the information is accurate since the casinos can change them when ever. You can always check with the live chat when you need some help and if you encounter any problems you can contact us and we always try to help you the best we can.

Spammed by casinos are very good – we explain why!

If you have registered at alot of casinos you may already have seen this but some of the casinos are very good at sending out campaigns to your mobile through SMS. Why should this be great you may ask? Well, you get deposit bonuses, free spins and alot of different good bonuses. It gives you a free edge of the casino and you will never miss it out since you always watch your phone. This can also sometimes be a bit spammy and then you can always login to your account at a certain casino and turn off the SMS or E-mail notifications and then they wont send you any more messages. But I personally have won a few hundred euros of just the free spins over this year and it has been a nice success for me I think. One thing you always should remember – always look for the edge over the casino to make sure you get the best RTP. Make sure to have alot of fun and also be smart while playing casino – never loose more then you can afford.

Always watch out for what you can play and what it wagers

The casino bonuses always comes with different requirements and this is something you always have to look out for. Lets say you play roulette or black jack, most of the casino only has a 20% wager for table games also called live games. You may ask why they do like this – its pretty basic, lets say you have 100 euro with 35x wager, then you can just bet at black or red with pretty high bets and wager alot with a very low chance of loosing. This would give the casinos a very low edge on the table games with bonuses and they would lose to much money. Always be aware of what bonuses you use and make sure to be careful.

Loyalty program – get cashback from playing slots

As it gets more casinos out there you have to compete about the players alot more. Now adays alot of casinos offers more then just a welcome bonus and some free spins – now you get loyalty points. So what is loyalty points and what does it help me with? Its something you get from playing at a casino, the more you play the higher you get. Its pretty self explained but the higher you get the more rewards you get and the better bonuses you will recive. This is something that makes it good to pick a certain casino and play there mostly. The bonuses could be everything from raw money to bonuses precentages and free spins. Not every casino provides this but you should always check out for this and make sure to login to your account from time to time and check if you have gotten some from loyalty programs.

Reload bonus – what is it?

The reload bonus is the same as it sounds to be. It give you bonuses to reload the balance – if you get a first deposit bonus and has lets say 3 reload bonuses then you will get bonus precentage of the 3 deposits you make after you first one. This is a very good thing and its not to many casinos that provides this though. Make sure to check the dates on those bonuses also since they expires in a certain amount of time. This is only a handy bonus if you are going to make more then one deposit so make sure to save those bonuses until you are able to afford more then just one deposit. This is not a bonus that many peoples are aware of so make sure to spread the knowledge of them and never miss out to use them since those gives you good RTP.