EarnBet Crypto casino review 2020

EARNBET is a crypto casino site where you can play dice, crash, blackjack, baccarat, and Hi/Lo. The site started with only accepting EOS coins, but they have added multiple payment options, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. It is the first casino to be fully decentralized and is today one of the biggest decentralized casinos. Over the years, the site has improved very much, and they are always looking for the community’s feedback to be the leading brand on the market. Before October 2019, Earnbet was called Eosbet, but they changed their name to attract a wider market.

Live support and site chat

Since 2020 they have added a live chat to their site that you could contact them through. It is not 24/7, but they are online most of the time. If the chat should be closed, you will get a response as soon as they open again. Besides the live chat, you also have a regular chat on their site where you can chat with everyone that is playing on Earnbet. People are always accommodating to help if you ask kindly, but it is not a support chat, so don’t frequently ask for help.

Earn Dividends on 100% of the sites profit

You will find a pretty unique feature that they have been working hard to get where it is today. You earn BET tokens for each time you place a bet on the site. The BET token is a key part of the ecosystem on Earnbet. If you choose to stake the token, you will be part of the dividends pool and earn profit from each bet that is made on the site. The token can be staked 1, 7, 30, 90 days, 1, 2, or 5 years. The longer period you stake, the more amount of Stake Points you get, and it is the stake points that earn you dividends. You can also sell the BET tokens to get some money back when you are done with your session. HotBit is one of the markets that has BET listed if you are interested in checking the price.

Reduced house edge

Staking BET tokens not only gives you dividends but also reduces the house edge. If you are playing pretty frequently, this is something that you should look into. By cutting the house edge, you will be earning more profit on each win. There are 10 different ranks, and on the highest one, there is a 1% reduction of the house edge. Below you can see all the different ranks and how much reduction they give.

EARNBET referral program

Many sites offer a referral program where you get rewarded for inviting friends. They offer 0.5% of all the bets your referrals place. If you are a content creator or any other type of influencer, this could make you a pretty good income stream. The player that uses your referral code also gets a lower house edge, which is a good marketing point.

Games you can play on Earnbet

You will currently find Dice, Crash, Baccarat, Blackjack, and Hi/Lo on Earnbet. When the site first launched, the only game that you could play was dice. Now they have 5 games and are talking about adding more. There have been discussions that they will add slot machines. It would be perfect for the casino’s growth if they choose to add in slots to the site, so we hope they do.

Crash game is a pretty intense one. You will choose how many times the money you think the market will raise before it crashes. It could crash anytime from 1.01x to infinity, and you can cash out whenever you want. If you bail out before it crashes, you are awarded the times that the market was at when you cashed out.
Dice is the most played game on the site and is found close to all crypto casinos. You choose a number to roll over or under between one and a hundred. The lower chance of hitting your number, the higher the win is. If you roll under 2, the payout is 98,5x with a win chance or 1%.
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